Sunday, September 6, 2009

Twilight Town Living

I am always yammering how my adopted town I call Mayberry is like a glimpse into the early century.
Sometimes I feel as if I fell into a freaking Twilight Zone Episode.

To prove I am not all insane and stuff here is a day around town

Today we had lunch downtown

We got this from a street vendor

But we ate beside this little old popcorn stand that is still open on certain days.

Across the street is a Barbershop

Here are flowers that are all along the streets.

Also adorned with stone benches if you should get tired.

If that is not enough to convince you, here is a car along with a gentleman in a 1920s hat.

I told you I wasnt insane.


  1. Honestly, it really is freaking Mayberry. The type of place where you can leave your wallet, full of cash and credit cards, and some nice gentleman picks it up and hands it to you. Every one knows every one else. Creepy

  2. I know its so cute and I am so jaded.
    I found a mobile phone at office parking lot once and was like well he got his mom in his contacts call that. So when the receptionist did she freaking knew her!

  3. "Little town, such a quiet village, every day like the one before... little town full of little people."

    That song from Beauty and the Beast reminds me of Mayberry lol

  4. Ok, I believe you. I completely believe you. I hope your deputy is not such a bumbling fool as Barney was.

  5. lol well......i would go there but i think some of them might read this page


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