Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesdays around Town

Wow, I am so impressing myself with this posting Tuesdays on time

This first house is on a crowded side street, I couldnt get a good picture because of the off street parking and if you look closely there is a big dog on the porch that didnt look that pleased to see me.

The owners have done a lot of work on it themselves and when I went back to get in my car I saw some guy up to his head in a big dirt pile on the side. I dont even want to know what he was doing.
Too much work for me.

This one, I like the landscaping and I get so turned around driving around town looking for houses to take pictures of and hindering traffic that this one may be a repeat. I am too lazy too look.

Finally, I was motivated enough after looking at all the landscaping to add something to my own yard. I think this bridge fits in nicely with all the weeds I am too lazy to pull. I might have to find a new home for the rusty dog though, he doesnt seem to fit in as well now.

Hope you like!


  1. friend i like your bridge its cuteee and well done for tuesdays around town being on time!

  2. Your little bridge setup is adorable!

    You always find such cute houses!


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