Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesdays around Town

Tuesdays here YAY

This first house I like because it just so HUGE
I dont think you notice the size of it right away because of the front porch
I also like the colour it looks blue
Big Blue
Keeping with that theme, this house here is so tiny.
It looks like it should be sitting in someones back yard as a guest house but it's not.
This tiny house is on the corner sitting proud with all the big houses.
I would last like one week in this one before my own hording ran me out of it.

Since flowers are still blooming around here, I thought I would include this one.
What care this homeowner did on their walk way.
I would do that but I would probably just trample on them in excitment when the UPS guy brought me my ebay purchases.


  1. the last pic with the flowers! can you imagine all the bees and wasps, id be running down there arghhhh thank god for autumn what you guys call fall! love the small house too, and the big one is too big but its nice to look at!

  2. lol i know i could never keep those up
    and goober would just poop on them

  3. This is fun! I would skip right up and down that sidewalk!

  4. OH I love that tiny house, go knock on door see if you can take pics on the inside LOL

  5. LOL I wish I had the nerve to ask them
    Maybe when I am a famous blogger I will go back to it


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