Thursday, September 3, 2009

Someone Should Tell Them

A friend of mine went back to work at an office.
We were gabbing of all the fun things working can mean.
Things like lunches,clothes,shoes, bags, and being go to girl.
But then the convo took a strange and unexpected turn.
It left me laughing and wanting to cry at the same time.

Me: Oh you get to wear pantyhose and heels again
Her: ugh I hate hose, I will just get a tan.
Me: Oh right, I forgot you are young and cute and think they are just for color.
Her: What do you mean? Oh the control tops?
Me: No, they just make your legs look better hold it all up so you dont sag.
Her: What do you mean?
Me: Like your knees.
Her: You have knobby knees?
Me: No when you get older you have knees like this.

Her: Oh how funny.
Me: Yes it is funny, you and I will talk in a few years and have a great laugh.

What you think dear internet? Should I tell her about underwire bras too?

How cute.


  1. lucky her that she doesnt have to wear an underwire just because she has big erm smiles

  2. I concur with hewantsmylastname. Great picture, btw, of Kate Moss' knee. Can I recognize them from gossip sites or what?!?

  3. yikes yes i need to credit it too the picture is from and its actually posh and we know she is thin and fit

  4. Hey, I wear underwire bras! LOL

  5. LOL yay! Thats one convo we wont need.

  6. There will never come a day when I need to wear an underwire bra. Woe is me.

  7. lol blue youu are not missing much i hate them

  8. not everyone's knees go like that...not everyone's knees go like that....*repeats and runs away not wanting to get old*

  9. aww but its not only the sagging knees its to cover the ugly veins, and the bra convo will come, they really need to come up with something other than wire to keep your tits from hanging to your belly button

  10. i saw a cartoon this biker had a shirt that said show me your tits, and the old lady lifted her skirt hahahaha

  11. I'll never forget the morning I came home from work after doing a double shift, and my 10 yr. old son remarked "Ma you have bags under your eyes and over your knees."
    Ungrateful little $@&/!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Ahem, I've had to wear underwire bras since high school lol. ... never been able to wear shoestring strappy little things... sob, sob, well at least I don't miss wearing the cool sexy clothes I could never wear (now I'm old) :D

    Oh, just wear pants! Skirts are a pain in the ...


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