Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not Just Me

Being all fat and out of shape doesnt mean I am not motivated to exercise.
Deciding it was time to be fit and healthy, I took Goober on a brisk walk with me.
You might remember me blogging on his loose leash training here.
I forgot to update you all that it does work.
I use the turn around method.
If the dog pulls you hard going one way, you turn around and walk the other way.
Pretty soon the dog walks besides you because you are so unpredicable.
He does look nervous and tense the entire walk.
I just act as if I dont know why he is always looking up at me.
ANYWHOOOO we went around the whole block!
I know!
Here is a picture of Goober afterwards.
At least now I know it's not just me out of shape.
Poor Goober


  1. Hey thats doggy abuse, walk him to Mcd's for a burger make him feel better hehe

  2. I have the same DVD player. And, I am going to the gym tomorrow afternoon, there will be weeping.

  3. lol how funny i think the only reason i would learn how to use photoshop is to crop out all the background crap in my pictures.
    AND yay for going back to gym

  4. That is so funny. My gosh, he's completely worn out!

  5. Thanks Blue He is worn out poor thing and he isnt even 3 years old yet. I am going to have to get in shape just for him!

  6. Such a cute dog! Good job on the one block walk! :)

  7. Bwaaahaaahaaa! You are so funny! Poor Goober-this post has made my Saturday. :-D

  8. Thanks Dixie Maybe i will be more motivated to exercise at least get Goober in shape

  9. poor goober so mistreated lol gramma :)

  10. OMG, I am so trying this with Thunder. I can't walk with him AND Tanner or Thunder thinks he got to be in front all the time. When Tanner was smaller and in better shape, it was a constant fight with the leash to keep Thunder with ME and not chasing after Tanner lol. God forbid if Tanner was on a damn scooter or something. By the time we got home, I couldn't use my arm for a week!


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