Monday, August 3, 2009

Yankee Beans

If you have read my blog at all you should have figured out I am not a domestic type woman..

My dear hubby of over 20 years is a southerner through and through.
Never mind that he has lived up north with me for over half his life, evidently it something you don’t lose, like the accent.


For years I have heard him lament the loss of great southern cooking
Fried okra
Good BBQ
Ham and Beans

Whoa is him who is lost up here with us corn fed yanks.
The only thing I have attempted to make is his stupid beans like his mom made.
Try asking said mom for advice and the only answer you get is:
It takes all day and is “easy”.

I haven’t attempted it many times over the years.
Probably 10, maybe less.

But last week, I decided I was going to crack the code.
I researched gobs of recipes on the internet.
I took the most common denominator of each recipe and cooked the stinky things all day.
Below convo is the result of your true blue yank diva’s hard work.

Him: Wow they smell great
Me: Do they look like your moms
Him: They do.
Me: Oh yay try some.
Him: They taste just like hers
Me: They do?
Him: Yes exactly like moms
Me Why do you look so stupid then?
Him: Erm I just remembered, I always cried when we had beans.
Me: You cried? From Joy?
Him: No, I cried because I didn’t want to eat them
Him: Yeah, I remember that she made them but I forgot that I hated them.

Me: Did you cry because she stuck a fork in your head?


  1. Bless your heart honey after all that trouble.

  2. thats almost like me saying I miss my grams corn meal mush LMAO

  3. No, that did not happen. I can't bear for that to have happened.

  4. It really did lol I know i couldnt believe it either, Then he was all like i like those one beans in some restaurant? Yes dear those are all big ole jars of premade beans

  5. Bwaaahaaahaaa! Every so often I get an intense craving for southern comfort food. Namely, beans and cornbread. My children used to run in horror whenever they heard me "rattling them pots 'n pans".They call it "that Georgia food" and they won't touch it.

  6. lol Dixie if your future daughter or son in laws ask you how to make them, please tell them they ran as kids haha

  7. i can just imagine that so funny as always x

  8. I love good southern food, being a Georgia girl, but it was something to test my patience learning to cook TEXAS southern food for my hubby! This is the perfect topic for today since I'm making Texas chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight, just like HIS grandma made!

  9. you are nice to try and cook for him family best i have given up myself


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