Monday, August 31, 2009

Who You Gonna Call?

Last week we were poor for a couple days.
Waiting for Gammas check to come in. (lol kidding ......kind of)
I had two visa gift cards I could still use.
I had 62.00 left on one and 50.00 on the other.


Giving Gamma the 50 dollar one we rushed off to the store to buy food.
The convo on the way went like this.

Me: Don't go over now, it is only worth 50.00 dollars.
Her: Well sh$t, I should have brought my calculator.
Me: It's alright I have my iphone.
Her: Who the hell you going to call? Everyone we know is broke.
Me: No it has a calculator on it.
Her: Oh, well now I feel stupid and broke.

So true, so very true

PS She swears I said phone and not iphone and thats why she didn't get it. We wont push that or she will feel as if she is broke, stupid and deaf.



  1. Good luck sweetie in stretching out the money.

  2. I hate having to take the calculator shopping. So funny about your mom, though. LOL

  3. hey what did you say? lol gramma :>)

  4. I can't even laugh. There have been periods in my life where I was cashing in cans to get money for milk. I feel your pain.

  5. aww you all are sweet, it was just a few days and she made a funny situation asking me who the heck i was planning on calling. if you cant laugh you have to cry :)

  6. *snort!!!* I missed your blog :D

    Over here we use the word 'skint' for broke.. my 20 month old has just learned it and informed my friend repeatedly this morning 'Me, skint, me, skint' *deep sigh* lol

  7. lol abi how cute, hes doing better than my 2 year old did. once i told her i didnt have any money and she said well just write a check


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