Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesdays Around Town

Today's Tuesday isnt homes but more landscaping.
I love what this lady did to her yard
What a great place to live!

Imagine growing up a child in this yard

First you would have to fight your way through the wild jungle battling tigers and lions and bears, oh my.

Then you would stumble upon this hidden path.......Lots of dragons to defeat along the way.

Which leads to a magical gate, I am sure you have to know the secret word to pass through.

After the long journey you would have to fight off the troll who lives under the bridge and then you could converse with the fairies until you dozed off in the afternoon sun.

All until the Good Witch of the House called you in and told you it was time for dinner :)


  1. I think it's quite beautiful. Was that a good experience for you or not?

  2. lol its not my house
    thats me getting caught up in day dreams
    i think it would be a great place to raise kids!

  3. that place looks wild

  4. YES! I lived in the world of imagination and that would have been so enchanting as a child!

  5. I would have been lost for hours in this yard
    Imagine what Ken and Barbie would get up too
    He would propose
    She would say no she wanted to work on being a stewardess and drive off in her pink convertable.
    He would jump and plunge to his death off the bridge.

  6. That's not dark at all. *snort*
    My Barbies were always like No Ken we wait til marriage. Then Ken would cheat on her and she would catch him and kill him. I blame dad and the show "Cold Case Files" personally.

  7. Thank you Tammy for checking out my blot! I love your Tuesdays around Town! Your dog looks like she should meet LuLu!

  8. aww thanks Christine and you are welcome.
    they would make great puppies lol


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