Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesdays Around Town


See I didnt forget you dear internet.
I have been busy getting a yard sale around, but more on that later.

This first picture is of the monster trees I mentioned before.
Look how big and ominous they are ready to tumble down on our heads.
I like them though
This is the view from my side yard.

This house here is right across from my bank on a busy street
I dont know if I could keep up with a brick home
Are they high maintenance?
Do you have to do anything special?
Doesnt the grout crumble away?

This next one I like it as it looks like a huge old victorian but its right on the corner of a busy intersection.
It has absolutely ZERO yard and I cant imagine getting out of the drive way.
I wonder what it looked like when they built it originally
Maybe it was a huge plot with monster trees all over.

Finally this one just down the road from me.
Another one that would make a great local haunted house
Maybe its the iron fence
I would love to grow old in this house and have like 20 cats.
Screaming at the neighborhood kids to get out of my yard.
How fun


  1. i LOVE that last house, with its big keyhole window. someday... someday i will live there.


  2. i love your house pics!!!! some are sooo big i dont think i could live in a big house id be worried people would break in and be living in the west wing haha

  3. i know right
    i like my little house its easier to keep clean
    my mom had a big farm house and all we did was
    scream WHAT?? at each other

  4. I still love monster trees! I could move right into most of those houses. Is that little round thing on the last pic called a turret? That would be my hermit room, just for me.

  5. yes i think thats what they call it
    wouldnt it be grand to have a hermit room lol


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