Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Names have been Changed

A dear aquaintance of mine lives in a nice orderly apartment.
They have specific days they can use the laundry room to avoid chaos and anarchy.

Her day is Monday.
She sticks to her designated day and never misses one.

One Monday she went down to do a couple loads of underthings and found a pair of her undies on the table
With a post it note.

"APT 1, you left these in the dryer".

Big Granny Panties

Big Granny Panties that were erm...worn and comfy

They had been there all week.


Me being the sympathetic type I am decided immediately upon hearing her story, to blog about it.

Thats how I am ;)


  1. yes it's pretty damn embarrassing to have your granny panties on display for an entire week with your apt number clearly listed

  2. i just knew you would tell hehe love u gramma :>)

  3. Oh hahahahaha :D perfect :D

  4. Hahahaha,...ouch... she should consider moving...


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