Friday, August 7, 2009

Diva Dilemma

We all know how much I love my car.
I yammered on about it here, here, and of course here.

I kiss it before I get in, tell her how beautiful she is all the time, and plan long pointless errands on sunny days in order to drive her with her top down.

Yesterday, being a gorgeous day, I took her on a 40 mile trip in order to have a 30 minute lunch with a friend.

As soon as I pulled out of the driveway this blinking light came on along with obnoxious beep.
I pulled into a station, popped the hood, some nice man ran over and we flipped through manual looking at pictures and it was the coolant light.
It didn’t look too low but I bought some anyway and put a bit in and off I drove waving thanks to my new helpful station friend.

Going all race car mode on 4 way highway WEEEE

Grr Still on.

Diva is not running hot though and the air is on blowing cool air on my legs (yes I know top is down but the air sure is nice blowing up my skirt)

Diva is just blinking at me
And b@$tching at me

Get to lunch date, my friend who is also a man says if she is not running hot its probably just a sensor, Id not worry.
But, schedule maintenance at the Audi Dealer
OK cool
Back on highway and the entire way home all she does is

At home, dear hubby looks at her, its got coolant, the fans are running, and it runs fine.
Take her to a dealer

Then I get on internet and find this site.

They have everything, experts on everything, live, chat now.
For of course a low fee, payable by all major credit cards or PayPal.
But here is the good part; you don’t have to pay if you are not happy with the answer.
It was only 9 dollars to ask a certified Audi dealer a question.

I yammer on to the poor guy telling him entire story, useless info like what I was wearing even, and he says just a moment.

Him: Is it a yellow indicator on the dash?
Me: Yes it looks like the coolant light in the manual
Him: Tell me what it looks like.
Me: It’s yellow, flashing, it looks like a water fountain, digital buttons going up and spraying like my car is going to explode if I don’t pull over.
Him: And its yellow right?
Me: Yes yellow caution it means be careful your car is going to blow up yellow
Him: That’s the windshield wiper coolant is low indicator
Me: Oh
Him Can I help you with anything else
Me: Are we allowed to tip you on this site?
Him Yes if you would like
Me: Ok I will give you a big tip if you promise not to use this story to your Audi tech buddies on how dumb civilians are
Him Agreed

What kind of car moans for windshield fluid anyway?
What a Diva, I love that car.


  1. I love that car and I think I love that site!

  2. That site is great!
    who knew there was such a thing for us silly divas LOL

    I bet he still is telling all his audi buddies

  3. hmm what a silly thing! at least you only had to pay $15 instead of $100 at the dealer hehe

  4. lol thanks guys at least now when i do stupid things i think to myself oh well it make a great blog entry

  5. The newest car we have has such a light. I use washer fluid as a self defense mechanism so I run out alot. Someday I would like to find a way to disable that silly beeping thing : )


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