Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesdays Around Town

Another Tuesday and I managed to get pictures on time this week.
YAY me.
I normally post pictures of the lovely homes I find in towns but today I am posting something different
Here in my adopted town I call Mayberry they plant flowers all over the city.
They put them in pots
Hang em from street lamps
Wrap them around trees
Line their steps with them.
Not a weed in sight, nor a dull coloured pastel.
Blooming flowers EVERYWHERE.
Its amazing, beautiful and slightly disturbing in a way LOL
but anywh00000000..............without further delay here they are:

Potted and wrapped around a lamp.

More flowers pole dancing and if you look in the back ground you can see them all over the steps going to the court house.Climbing and claiming the steps of public buildings

Such pride in their landscaping, this is the front of the local libray.

I am almost ashamed of all the dandelions and weeds I grow in my own front yard!


  1. I love these photos. It's nice to see flowers blooming this time of year, instead of hearty bushes. Sometimes, I do miss living in the northern states.

  2. I want to live in a town like your "Mayberry".
    The other night as I drove home from work I saw a drunk man peeing on a door. This was about a block from my apartment. I'd rather see beautiful flowers anyday.

  3. I think dandelions are pretty even though they're weeds.

  4. wow so pretty and nice, and your car parking spaces are so big...ours are so tiny here i always struggle not to hit things

  5. rach lol i still struggle not to hit things

    yes i miss mayberry it makes me want to plant something but i dont want to get dirty hmm


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