Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesdays around Town

Yes again I know it is Wednesday
No reason to tell you again, that I am a procrastinator

Today's Tuesday is along one street.
These are fantatic homes but what is really amazing is they are along the same street with little
ranch houses nestled in between.
It is only three blocks from my own quaint modest street with my own crappy home on it.
I just think its amazing old neighborhoods with old homes and modern 1950 ranches all clustered together amonst the monster trees that no one will cut down

These were all taken from the street so forgive them for not being clear.


  1. I love posh streets like that where every house is different, they're so interesting to walk down, I like rubberneckin' at 'am peasant stylee :D

  2. oh i do too and there are so many huge old houses i am sure they are wondering who that crazy woman is snapping pics

  3. Wow, those do look like amazing houses!

  4. i've dreamed of owning each and every one of those houses, and many more too, whenever i'd go walking. you used to wonder where i went for three hours? i was staring at these.

  5. i know and so funny they are only two streets over from our hovel

  6. I think those houses are too big, Id certainly not want to clean them but they look pretty...Id also be scared if someone broke in Id not be able to the last one that looks really pretty


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