Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesdays Around Town

Today on Tuesdays around Town, we are not going far from home.
Pictured is my own old crappy house that I actually managed to get some flowers planted
We even got the flower beds cleaned up, weeded and threw some mulch in to cover the other flaws.
I know
Be kind dear internet.
Martha Stewart I am not
But I am quite proud of them.
I think they turned out pretty well
Plus I can actually cross it off my to do list.


  1. poor rach from ukJuly 7, 2009 at 9:20 AM

    awww thats pretty I still havent even bothered with flowers yet but will do now seeing how pretty yours is, but its alot easier as we have no soil at all or grass so will just go to the garden centre and buy lots of potted plants haha

  2. i think this is first time in 4 or 5 years

  3. Very nice now you want to come do some for me?

  4. wow thanks guys
    we worked really hard on them

  5. They look great. I'd show you mine but they drowned last week.

  6. well mine would of too, yay for procratination lol
    i mainly worked hard on it as my neighbor is selling her house and id hate to lower property values because i am so lazy ;)

  7. They look lovely. You will not see photos of my yard on here! Although it would make you feel better:)

  8. lol debbie normally you wouldnt mine either.
    you all are so nice with your comments

  9. Hi Tammy:
    This is Lupe from Ann's blog.
    I think your flowers look terrific and that you have a very nice home...
    I have been doing the Facebook thing and I cannot find you in there at all.

  10. Hi Tammy--this is Barbara, who knows you from Ann's blog. I think the flowers look so nice; to save time this year all I did was plant Azalea bushes...then we've had so much rain in Jersey, one of them died after being water logged. Yours are blooming and coming along nicely. Congratulations!!

  11. you guys are so sweet, and that is such a nice bunch over there on anns blog, she is such a sweetie. The flowers are a bit of a inside joke on my neighborhood because for years i grew the best looking WEEDS. I am happy to have finally got them done.
    Lupe if you go to anns group i am on that too on her wall you can find me there


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