Thursday, July 23, 2009

There's an Ap for That

If you follow my blog at all you will know I live in a small town
It not really tiny but since I grew up in the city, I like to call it Mayberry.
Last night in the paper I read an article that said the local library was having a book sale.
We are there.
Mom and I clamber into the library and there are no books for sale.
It’s all the studious quiet you are used to hearing in a library along with a puzzled look by the woman at the front desk.

Me: Aren’t you having a book sale here?
Her: Oh no that is down at the Catholic Church.
Me: Oh I thought the library was having one.
Her: We are but it’s at the Catholic Church.
Me: Where is that?
Her: The big one, the big catholic church.
Me: Blink Blink....Ummm? I am not catholic.
Her: It’s on the main drag
Me: Main Street
Her: No down by the hospital
Me: Blink Blink

Guy interrupts looking at his Iphone says its blah blah street address.
Me: Oh thanks!

ME: Oh by the way what does it cost to get a library card?
Her: It depends on where you live, where are you from.
Me: Oh I live here in town have for years.
Her: Blink Blink


  1. Sheesh! I thought library cards were free! They are here thank goodness. It's the fines that will kill you. Or, the mother's in the parking lot circling for spaces or taking them up whilst others wait! I could go on and on about that.

  2. I think they are free here too but I thought it was funny she assumed I lived out of town because I didnt know where the catholic church was.
    This library is really nice for such a little town I took some pics for next weeks tuesdays around towns

  3. I don't have a library card, either. I like to buy all my books.

  4. I dont have one either, but meh.
    Yeah, that's the church that I went to with Allie and that the neighbor kid robbed and set fire to. you know, that one....

    heathen. LMAO

  5. OH right the one behind the old jail LOL
    i hate how small town people give directions

  6. HA! I can relate. Had somebody ask me where such and such a street was in the neighborhood I grew up. For the life of me I couldn't even think of where that street would be. Then we both looked up and saw the street sign a neighborhood block away said where he was looking for. Gee, I'd only lived there, been on a street a billion times, know everybody that lives there and all that jazz. HOW could I NOT know the name of the street RIGHT in my own viewable neighborhood.

    *sigh* Drugs, kids..... don't do 'em.

  7. LOL! That is too funny... You should be in an apple commercial :) lol... Love your blog! You should check mine out too I have a contest going :)

  8. oh thank you pink coast i sure will
    and thank you for all the comments everyone

  9. Haha! I do stuff like that so often! I've lived here five years and I can get lost in the suburban bit within seconds. It's always embarrassing when you have to admit you live around the corner isn't it :D

    I also have done what Uncle Cunning did - someone was asking directions to the road that branches off my street. I had no clue. :D


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