Thursday, July 30, 2009

Please Mr. Postman

My dear friend who lives across the pond had to pick up a package postage due today.
This in turned reminded me of my own funny anecdote about postage.
When yours truly was a young secretary at an insurance firm she had to mail out revised policies to all members annually
A tedious task to be sure but I did it diligently
A couple days later my boss called in said he would be late because he had to pick up something on way in.
Turns out it was his policy that I had MAILED two days before.
If that wasnt bad enough the thing had come postage due.
Which meant that ALL of them went out postage due.
What did yours truly say when confronted with these horrendous facts?
She said, Think of all the money I saved the company on postage.

I miss being young and cute and dumb


  1. poor rach from ukJuly 30, 2009 at 11:04 AM

    to top it all off they addressed the package to me on the letterhead to miss **** and miss ***** (not putting my surname on here) but they were the same, how stupid!! and thanks for sharing your story you crack me up

  2. I didn't even know packages could be delivered when there's postage due anymore.

  3. lol well thats me showing my age again

  4. totally something I would do!!!!

  5. Dude, its ANECDOTE. Not ANTIDOTE.


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