Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mike Stewart

Martha Stewart I am not
But during my frumpy domestic phase the last couple months, I tried my hand at baking.
I made home made cinnamon rolls
I followed the recipe closely.
I did not flinch when I realized it would take 3 hours to complete and I started them at 9pm at night.
I plodded on.
I had already bought all the ingredients, except for vanilla, because everyone has a bottle of vanilla.
Does that crap even expire?
So after making the dough (1.5 hours), I figured out I didn’t have a rolling pin.
Did I ever own a rolling pin?
Probably not.
Chugging back the last of my six pack of Mike Hard Lemonade Lite (classy I know); I was ready to break out the hard stuff and call it a night.
But whoa Nelly, Martha Stewart I am not but clever I am.
That empty mikes bottle worked just fine thank you very much.
Feeling proud of myself, I went on to the other steps, popped them in the oven and proceeded to make the frosting.
I ransacked the kitchen looking for the old bottle of vanilla and finally found it in the back on its side CEMENTED to the shelf.
I am not kidding.
I need a ¼ teaspoon or this crap is going to fail.
I took a butter knife and banging it with my Mikes bottle, success.
The rolls were a complete success.
But I did wake up with a hangover; I am blaming it on the cinnamon


  1. LOL

    I dont have a bottle of vanilla
    Mine is because the cats knocked it off the counter
    It spilled everywhere
    Completely empty

    I haven't bought a new one yet.

  2. LOL!!! in the 'industry' they use a roll of seran-wrap (is that how you spell it there, we call it cling-film :P) to roll stuff out when no rolling pin is forthcoming...

    They sound yummy, well done!!

    hewantsmylastname - I bet your kitchen smelled beautiful though :D

  3. oh my gosh i had saran wrap too...how clever

  4. haha so funny, I dont have any vanilla, wait i might have but i dont cook the man of the house does

  5. Oh my....hilarious!! I had this mental picture of you rolling out the dough with the mike bottle. Yes, you are very clever, "Mike Stewart!" I bet they tasted good though! :)

  6. That is exactly what happened! They were very good and didnt last long at all

  7. "found it in the back on its side CEMENTED to the shelf" Bwaaahaaaahaaa! This happened to me when I decided to make fudge one day-now when you detached it from the shelf, was there only dregs in the bottom? I'm thinkin' that you could have scraped up the spill and reconstituted it with some of the Mike's!
    Using the bottle as a rolling pin was a stroke of genius.

  8. lol dixie i thought i would leave that part out not to gross everyone out, but i did have to add water to the hard bits left in the bottle HAHA how did you know?

  9. My 6yo daughter wants to bake! Hey, maybe it's because I told her we can't afford to buy snacks in the poor half of the month LOL.

    Anyway, I found that a jar of pasta sauce makes a great rolling pin! :)

    I am so undiagnosed! But isn't it great - we are unprepared often, but really good at the whole "necessity is the mother of invention" stuff :)


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