Sunday, July 5, 2009

Get Your Hands Dirty

My Farm

I am addicted to farmville on facebook now
So silly
You can buy animals
and plant crops and harvest them
earn money for buildings and cool things like hay bales

Erm..... and no I havent gotten all my flowers planted yet in real life
But I did do some.
I will finish later
But isnt my virtual farm cute?


  1. I just started Farmville so I don't have much there yet. I do have a decent size farm on Farm Town but no house.

    Have you ever played YoVille? You get an apartment, go to work and buy furniture, clothes and get extra rooms for points. Eventually you can buy a house, mobile home or mansion.

  2. what your a city girl why a farm gramma

  3. i will have to add you on facebook dee.
    and gamma i dont know thats why its so funny

  4. I keep reading about this but I'm not going to go anywhere near it. I'm addicted to too much already.

  5. it is way too addicting lol although it seems to have an end so that is promising. like a top level i am hoping when i hit that i will be done with it

  6. If I can do it till I have a farm house with a pool then I think my addiction to the game will be over, fingers crossed

  7. lol i think it is so much fun i will have to check out farmtown, that way i have something to do while i am waiting for crops to grow


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