Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesdays Around Town

Yes I know it isnt Tuesday but I did tell you I was quite the procratinator hehe
Some more houses in my town
These are actually all on one street, the main one at that
it goes right through town and they are all very old with huge trees in front of them
I had to lighten some just so you could see the house because the shade is so dark
Keep in mind i am just using my iphone camara

Gah arent they lovely

One of these the door was open and this lady came out as I was leaving I am sure she was like wtf. At least she seen me get in Hot Diva Car so she doesnt think I am some loser

Its 98 here today and the heat index is 105 yet these houses front yard look so cool and mild under the trees

Ok hope you enjoyed I am back in my crappy old house with window air conditioners going and can barely hear myself think hehe maybe I will just go shopping


  1. Is that your neighborhood? I am jealous. If the homes looked like that round here I might be tempted to go for walks more often.

  2. I wish hehe it is about three blocks over though, the entire main street is like that because in the 1920s or so the executives living here all built there and since then people have bought them and redone them, its really beautiful if i had any motivation i would buy one redo it myself but its easier just to take pics lol

  3. Lol so much for me taking pics with my awesome 10 mp camera :( lol

  4. poor rach from ukJune 27, 2009 at 9:53 AM

    I can almost imagine you jumping in your car and running while shes coming out..


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