Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Little Things

Isn't it funny how we view ourselves is all perception.
Some days the little things make you feel on top of the world
Some days other things make you feel like a total loser
Here are my triggers
What are yours?

Winner Activities:

Driving hot diva car
Manicured nails
Good hair days
Paying cash
Picking up the tab

Loser Activities:

Making Meatloaf
Charging Groceries
Cash Advances
Ruthlessly scanning home to see what is worth $$ on E-bay
Using Coupons


  1. you're right about that....especially with this economy

  2. oh but it was a good meat loaf says granma :)

  3. hmmm i feel the same way
    except i more like
    can pay bills

    cant pay bills.

  4. poor rach from ukJune 27, 2009 at 9:56 AM

    people who say that money does not make people happy? are poor and lazy...

    im poor but not lazy so if we lived in a realistic world I should be god damn rich as I put the effort in!

  5. you should be as hard as you work i saw a study on msn that proved money does make you happy


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