Tuesday, June 23, 2009


They dropped the iphone starting price
Iphone geeks who are "devoted customers" are all crying and whining blah

Erm Did I miss something?
I mean it cant just be me?
I have always paid way too much for the latest technology

Such as:

Caller Id: 79$ for little box, all of the calls said not available for 1 year
CD burner: 329$ on sale burn CDs on puter at 4x woohoo!
DVD Player: 289$ didn't even burn them, only played and none of your favs were available on dvd
VHS to DVD conversion software/hardware: 180$ it captured while you played it real time and burned it while you played it back real time
Digital Camera: 490$ and it took these stupid fat cards and ate batteries up like candy
Digital Camcorder built in hard drive: 15 minutes of video before it was full
3.2 Gig external hard drive: 320$ it crashed after 9 months warranty was 6
Note pad with handwriting recognition software: 125$ I never take notes so was um worthless to me.

Any who...you get the point right.

And I am eligible to upgrade to new iphone in Aug Sweeeeeet

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