Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moving Day

Her: Should I do this?
Her: Should I do that?
Her: I can do this?
Her: I can do that?
Her: Will he be there, did you call them, should I call her, What did they say?
Her: Should I buy boxes, should I get bags? Should I leave it in the drawers?
Her: I have a hammer and I have some nails.
Her: What time will you be here?
Her: Should I get donuts?

Me: You could clean my house, while we move your stuff
Her: Oh……..ok

Me: Thanks

Her: Lol I can take a hint
Me: I know I am so glad too


  1. friend i love the way you word things

  2. thats ok we went to breakfast while you moved me haha ma


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