Sunday, May 3, 2009

A-Ha Moment

I have heard on the news, tabloids, rumors, or something, that Oprah is trying to sue for the copyright of the AHA moment.
Evidently she is the only one who has them.
But I have had a few of my own.
They are life changing moments that I won’t ever forget.
I will share one with you because you know….its all about me right?
When my darling daughter became school aged, I rejoiced in the freedom.
I had been waiting years to get out of my self imposed prison.
Yes I stayed at home.
Yes it was a noble cause and worth it
Keep in mind judgmental readers; we had no internet in those days.
I am talking all Wilma Flintstone style doing crafts and what not in order not to go crazy.
So when she danced off to school half days, I rejoiced and got a part time job.
Dear hubby and I worked separate shifts so he would cart her to school.
Dress, bathe, and feed, our precious cargo.
But I did not quite let go as easy as that.
I laid out her clothes
Dictated her hair styles
I mandated meals.
I passed judgment and critiques on a regular daily basis.

Then she brought home a picture, drawn at school titled simply MY FAMILY
The original is gone (thrown away, cried over, destroy the evidence type of thrown away)

I am a screaming head of authority lording over the small insignificant members of my family.
Note they are all equal and same size, cowering and clinging to one another.

The result?

Resulting in years of cookies for breakfast
Watching the same episode of Barny 18 times in a row
Wearing the same purple pants and tiara to school all week
Hair wild crazy and untamed
Sloppy messy house with toys scattered all over.
But mostly a happy chilled out family to enjoy
Every single day……..

AHA indeed


  1. Yes it is true internet... I did draw such a thing.

    But hey, it got me cookies for breakfast!

  2. Now was this drawn back in the 80's?
    I'm only asking because Big hair was in back then, and that is probably the only reason she made your head big-see you could have been feeling all that guilt for nothing.:-D

  3. lol yes it was late 80s but i think she just wanted cookies for breakfast

  4. doesn't she have a copyright on everything in existence?? Or trying to?

    Lauren Wolf
    Your Sensual Advocate for tasteful, heathy, modern sensuality

  5. LOL that is what i thought


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