Friday, May 15, 2009

The Gamma Gene

As I watched the girl get married to her lovely fiance today
I found myself thinking..........
They are going to have beautiful kids.


I have a Grandma (gamma, nanna, whatever) gene


  1. Congrats on your daughter getting married!

  2. Congratulations on the wedding and in the future may your Granny Panties always be bikinis and say Victoria's Secret on the label!

  3. Christy got married? That little girl from the neighborhood!

  4. That means you must be getting old lol

  5. Hello! I found your blog while "doing the drop" with Entrecard! I just love this post about them having beautiful children! My son is only 15, but I talk about the day when he is through college and married and him and his wife having lots of children for Grandma (me) to watch. He just rolls his eyes and says, "Dad, help me out. She's on the Grandma thing again!" HAHAHAHA

    Amen to Dixie's comment! Funny!! :)

  6. Hello there again! Thanks so much for becoming one of my followers! I am honored to have you among my small band of bloggy friends!! Stop by my blog tomorrow (Tuesday). I am doing a "shout out" about you!! :)

  7. My kids are still in there teens so I can wait a while to be a gram. But I can see how you could think that.

  8. oh i know Sonya hehe just wait i think it sneaks up on you. I know that thought came out of no where!


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