Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Come Play with Me

When my little brother was a toddler, he got his days and nights mixed up.
We would have to play with him to try and keep him up all day.
If that didn't work ,we aggravated him to keep him awake.
It took weeks to get his schedule back on track.
We had to get what we called knock out drops from the doctor.
Finally he slept all night, but he would get up at 5am or some other ungodly hour.

Now I have my days and nights mixed up
I am just like a big toddler


I need someone play with me all day or at least give me some good drugs to sort myself out.


  1. I'm voting for some good drugs!

  2. Yeah, SonyaAnn has the right idea! HA! Sometimes I have a terrible time going to sleep...I try counting sheep, but then I start thinking about mutton, and why older sheep meat is called mutton, and young sheep meat is called lamb, then I start thinking about how they would have cooked it, and you can see where this is going...by this time I am wide awake!!


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