Saturday, April 4, 2009

Who Knew?

I work a lot of late nights and early mornings on my work at home gig
Thankfully there are lots of infomercials on tv.
So far I have learned the following:

I need to straighten my wild hair
I need to bump up my flat hair
I need a skin regiment or I might get a pimple like Jessica Simpson
I need all my stuff oxy cleaned not just clean
I am wasting a fortune on paper towels
I could fall off a regular ladder
My old mop is disgusting
My carpets are gross
I make pasta the old fashion slow way
My closets are over flowing and disorganized
I store my shoes wrong
I store my food wrong
I should be investing in limited edition collectibles

Who knew?


  1. Oh don't forget you can get rich also if you buy the guys book on how he got millions!!!

  2. Maybe I'm wrong... but if paper towels are only .80 a roll.... how is that a fortune? At an average of 3 rolls a week (if you're really sloppy) it only comes to $125 a year.

  3. aww princess where u getting your paper towels i like those 2.39 a roll ones

  4. Yeah...and making burgers can always be improved...and vaccuum sealing your sweaters is a MUST.


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