Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

I caved in and hooked up the Wii Fit
After acting all nice and friendly it asked how tall I was
Then seemingly innocent like asked for my birthdate
Then it made ominous calculating noises and screamed in bright red letters that I was
and have the fitness age of someone 12 years older than me.
As if that isnt bad enough
It made my Mii Fat
and hunched over and trembly.
Lastly it offered to password protect my stats assuming I would want to hide them in shame.
Guess what Wii Fit
Everyone already knows I am old and fat
So the joke is on YOU.
I still drive a hotter car than you!
So There!

Any way buy yours here:

Believe it or not as obnoxious as it acts it was quite fun and I managed to do 20 minutes.


  1. haha thats hilarious

  2. lol friend i wish you not sold yours you were lobbing hula hoops at me

  3. Lol for negative reinforcement.

  4. Don't feel bad, it was made by japanese people wtf do they know what obesity is lol anyone who weighs more than 85 lbs is obese to them...



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