Thursday, April 9, 2009

Super Baby to the Rescue

My friend has a 1 year old.
He's adorable and perfect
One of her neighbors has a baby the same age who of course does everything.
She does it better, faster, sooner, quicker, blah blah
Although the neighbor annoys my friend to no end we get to have convos like this now.

Her: Super baby is coming over for his bday party
Me: What did she make him?
Her: LOL I dont know something I am sure.
Me: She prolly be late cuz she has to wrap it first.

Her: Super baby went to the zoo with us
Me: Did she drive?

Her: Super baby can walk already
Me: Are they sending her down to the pub for cigs yet
Her: No I think they have her rolling them though.

I dont know why I am sharing this internet, maybe as a warning to all you young mothers not to compare what your baby is doing to other young mothers
Because as you can see, no matter how great and super your baby is we will just make fun anyway. ;)


  1. ah you make me laugh and put a smile on my face..and so the baby competition continues

  2. My (future) baby will be better than all other babies. Just sayin'. LOL Every mom thinks so.

  3. my baby is so awesome that he's solving world hunger. When he turns a year old he'll be the emperor of china. He's an under-achiever.

  4. you better get on it, he is way behind lol
    but my baby she would change her own diaper so i think i got you all beat


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