Monday, April 27, 2009

So Wrong

I blog about my super hot car a lot.
Yes I know
It is boring.
I just love her so much.
I am afraid she hates me now though.

First off moms car died last week.
I took super hot diva car *gasp* grocery shopping
As if that wasn’t bad enough I loaded her up with moms laundry and took her to the laundry mat.

Now Hubbys truck is in the shop
He has to drive her.
To a factory!!
I just know she is terrified in that parking lot with all those blue collar rugged vehicles.

Or maybe she’s like me, and finds those blue collar types hard working rough men a turn on.
What a ho !
Back to the garage young lady!
That’s all I am saying ;)


  1. lmao, this is so funny! Let's hope she doesn't come back dirty and roughed up after a day around all those naughty blue collar types ;)

  2. watch her greasy steering wheel!

  3. yay we all have wheels again ma

  4. aww i wanted to drive it... come on...

  5. lets just hope she used lots of protection while she was playing with all those bad boys!!


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