Friday, April 24, 2009

Loose Leash Walking

According to You Tube and all the E books available for sale, it is easy to teach your dog how to loose leash walk.
Basically, all you do is turn and go the other way when your dog pulls out in front of you.

Like so:

Dog runs forward
Leash goes taut
Dog turns around
Sees beloved owners back
Confusion sets in.
Repeat as needed
Dog decides to walk beside owner as he is so unpredictable

Goobers session:

Goober lunges forward
Owner falls to knees
Goober jumps on owners head
Owner cusses
Goober lunges forward
Owner screams as shoulder pulls from socket.
Owner cusses
Turns around
Goober runs around in circles tangling owners legs in leash
Owner falls down
Goober jumps on owners head
Owner cusses
Repeat until exhaustion sets in

Wow all in 10 minutes too I cant wait for lesson two.

1 comment:

  1. yyyyyeaaah I didnt have much luck with him either.

    It went like this

    Goob lunges.
    I was pulled forward 6 feet
    And turn
    then Repeat
    ...once more for good measure...


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