Thursday, April 30, 2009

It Does Get Better

So I got a kindle for Christmas
Three month waiting period which um..... sucked


They shipped the Kindle 2 rather then the original Kindle ordered


Its awesome which I already blogged about here.


Today I woke up and it was dead, wont reset wont do anything.


Wait for it...

I called customer support they just ship you out a new one that day with a box to return your old one.
How freaking cool is that.

Oh and you dont lose any of your content its all stored online and ready for download again


I swear I almost had a .....never mind blog

PS That link above is first thing I am buying with my new kindle


  1. wow, i'll be very curious to know how the kindle goes......i like to read in the bathtub, so not sure how that would work. i wonder too if there is any concern about your eyes, as opposed to reading a book? please keep us updated! i'm pretty sure i want one.

  2. Victoria your crafts are lovely, I encourage my readers click on your name and have a look. To answer your questions it works wonderful in the tub and with the new screen it looks just like a real book. The best thing is you can make the font all OLD LADY HUGE hehe. I am sure you would love it check out my other post on when it was new in Feb

  3. An update they shipped it next day air with a return lable for the defective one! Awesome


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