Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Out of Here

Recently a coworker quit.
Blew up.
I am out of here losers!
Which got me thinking.

How I have left all my jobs in the past :

Went out of business
Discharged with honors
Had a baby
Left at lunch never came back
Had my mother call tell them I quit
Job eliminated
Fired escorted out door( I put them on the *gasp* internet without permission)
Mini mental break down

How about you dear internet, tell me your stories how you left horrible jobs


  1. Hmm...for jobs outside the home...
    Bookstore job - gave two weeks notice because I didn't get my MUCH DESERVED yearly raise. LOL I had been there 2 years and wouldn't be up for another for another year.

    Gas station job - quit when a guy called me the C-word because he thought he won $8 on his scratch-off when he really just won $2. I quit after my shift was finished that evening and wouldn't go back.

    Both those were while I was still attending college. Since then, no drama really with my WAH jobs.

  2. bakery in food store gained 10 lbs had teenage son call in tell them i quit thanksgiving week end YES THEY WERE BUSY HEHE

  3. ugh i couldnt handle the gas station thing either

  4. 1st table clearer at a restaurant, they closed..
    2nd conveinent food mart.. quit for a full time job.
    3rd (same time as second) herrington catalog (loved that job) they moved out of state.
    4th hosipital er secretary.. fired (unjustley) collected 1 yr unemployment on those lovely ppl. since they fought it.. and I won.. I didnt have to pay it back :)
    5th)clerk in police station- quit after 2 weeks couldnt handle the bitches treating me so mean.. cried after every shift (yes, i am sensitive)
    6th)The Entertainment book-got laid off since private owners sold to corporate. last one hired first one to go :(
    7th)back at hospital (new boss loved me) finally quit after 21 yrs of service to be home (I cried handing in my resignation letter)
    8th) the job I have now, I Love and dont plan on leaving unless they want me to

    Have to say, always found good in a job.. even with the bitches at the police station.. the cops were cute and they talked to me! lmao


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