Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fashion Flubs

The sun took pity on me and forgave me for my adulterous ways with the tanning bed.
The last two days have been in the 70s almost the 80s
This means two things to yours truly

1. I can put the top down on my super hot car.
2. My winter wardrobe is useless now

In order to do anything, to get out of the house, sole purpose being to drive my super hot car, I took my mother shopping.

But what to wear?
This one is too hot
This one makes me look fat
This one is too tight
This one has a stain
But this one, finally, perfection!
Light blue Capri’s with a stylish pull over tee, big ole Jacky O sunglasses YAY

I go to pick up mom
Top down, sun beaming, teeth gleaming……..wth???
She has on the same freaking outfit basically
White top blue Capri’s GAH
We look ridiculous

LOL but hey the woman does have good taste
That’s all I am saying


  1. what can i say my daughter taught me how to dress maybe too good hmm ma


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