Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Favs

We have a lot of “family meals” we make.
Meaning Mom made them.
I make them
The kid makes them.
Informal meals with no name other than crap, slop, stuff, sh!t.
As in :
Hamburger Crap.
Taco Slop
Sausauge Stuff

Tonights delight is Ham and Egg Sh!t.

6 eggs
Some ham-cut up whatever you have is fine
Some milk- I don’t know, so it kind of runny when your done, if its thick add more at end of preparation
Some crackers crubled up. 3/4 a sleeve I suppose more or less
Some shredded cheese, whatever half a bag or maybe 3/4s
Some cut up onions and peppers to taste
Bake at 350 about an hour or less
Till its set and firm not burnt, whatever



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