Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dreary Dayz

It needs to quit raining
I mean for real
The rain has reduced me to:

Sleeping 10 to 11 hours a day
Not getting dressed
Watching the entire pirates triology
Taking on a fake english accent
Drinking rum
Researching all of the characters on wikipedia
Doing face book quizzes
Impulse purchases on Kindle
Evil evil one click buy it now Kindle

Impulse purchases on Itunes
Evil evil buy it now Itunes hook it up to your home theatre play it now itunes

Tomorrow dear internet, I resolve to get up at a decent hour and stay up all day.

After all tomorrow is another day.......

Tell me you stay at home workers, moms ,dads, or whatever, how do you get out of these self imposed funks?


  1. I usually take a shower!!! It does help

  2. ooooh ill have to try that lol

  3. but I forgot to warn you, after your shower do not attempt to put on normal clothes. this will only make you want to go back to bed once you figure out everything you own will not fit!!

  4. you mean to tell me that once you get into one of those funks you can get out? HA HA ive been in one for 5 yrs now cant seem to break the cycle, I must say, I seem to enjoy it


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