Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big Brother is Watching

I hate mailing lists and store reward cards
I hate to be marketed too because of my prior purchases
I always feel as if i am missing out on cool new things because i didnt make the list.
I did however make these lists based on my CVS coupons and Mailbox

Mail box

Fat lady clothes
Slutty lingerie
Computer gadgets
Food gifts baskets
Specialty Candy Stores


Diet pills/drinks/food
$ off prescription

So according to big brother's database I am a still fertile medicated fat woman who sits in front of a computer in slutty lingerie all day long yelling because i have pms while eating candy and planning my next diet.
That is sooooo wrong
Ummm Wait....never mind.


  1. awww hehe u crack me up

  2. Well at least you don't get ads for viagra or any "make it bigger" ads.

    Those always make it in my inbox for some reason.

  3. lol no i dont get them....someone in this house does though


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