Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Beautiful ADD Mind

Where are my keys?
Where is my purse?
Why is the remote in the refrigerator?
Let’s go tomorrow.
Never mind.
Oh! Lets go here. NOW!
Where did we park?
I forgot to pay it.
I paid it twice.
Where is that bill?
I need a stamp.
I’m out of checks.
I’ll pay online.
I’ll surf some blogs, a forum or two.
My friends online!!
YAY! How are you?
What was I doing?
I’m out of cigs, my lighters gone.
I’ll use the stove.
What’s that burning smell?
I’m working now
Go away.
Where did you go?
I didn’t know.
I’ve lost my pills.


  1. lol i know it would be funny if it wasnt every day

  2. I am like this all the time but much of it is because I'm a very bad listener.

    Hubby: I'm going out to blah blah blah (cue sound of the teacher on Charlie Brown)
    Me: OK
    Me 10 minutes later walking through house: James where are you?
    *Calls hubby*
    Hey where did you go?
    Him: I just told you where I was going right before I left.
    Me: When did you leave?

    Ugh. Send it to me via IM and I'll remember it for ages.

  3. Damn, now you've got me convinced I've got ADHD too! And I was sure it was all on hubby's side on the family... okay not all that sure... but I'm so functional :P

  4. It is terrible at times but yes I am very functional too just seem very very erm..what was i saying oh well, thanks for the comment


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