Monday, March 16, 2009

Tough Times for Tough People

The economy being what it is, I would hate to think I wasn’t doing my part to spend sensibly and have made drastic cut backs!

New rules for the household

No more eyelash extensions
Gamble at casino only 4 times a year not every month
Nails every other week rather then once a week
Limit adult pay per view rentals to 1 a week (pick wisely!)
No iTunes at all! Evil addictive iTunes
Buy brand cigs online
Tan 1 time less per week
Peel potatoes rather then buying instant (this is really doing my nails in by the way!)
Eat out only on weekends (again pick wisely)
Buy candy only in bulk (I can’t see this helping as much as I had hoped)
Buy one ply

See how frugal I am?
I am making these drastic changes in drastic times
So very proud but geez I hope it doesn’t last long.

PS Yes I am exaggerating (sort of), but I do miss those fun filled cash is no object days


  1. I cut out my rhapsody-to-go and netflix subscriptions today. :-( *sniffles* Methinks there will be more cutbacks as well but hopefully we can at least finish our fence!

  2. Well let's see....

    Since we got unemployed we have been paying our bills weeks ahead just in case. This leaves us with a few hundred extra every month...

    So this month we are fixing the cats. YAY
    Paying off credit cards YAY

  3. just wait till I tell my old man he is going to have to live without his direct tv, and my contribution to saving money is to drink less diet cokes. I do feel this is an even trade.

  4. i have to agree with you tt, i think you are giving up more to be honest!!


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