Monday, March 2, 2009


It's here

My Kindle!

I thought the iphone was great but this thing......

Every ADHD persons dream!

I would like to read that book.

I wish I could surf the net wirelessly away from home.

I wonder if that books is any good? I should download a preview.

I can barely see this font, I wish it was bigger.

I use to have that book. I wish I still did. I would read it again.

Yes, I know all you artsy fartsy types like to smell your old moldy books and dream of when you first read it.
I get how you fell in love with it and how the look of the worn and torn yellow pages makes you all weepy and sad for your lost youth.
Its great how much you adore the dusty old book stores with the old creepy furniture and over varnished shelfs.
I know how much you enjoyed purusing for hours to find some first edition kid book that is probably on sell on ebay for 8 dollars.
I get it. I really do.

I'd listen to you go on and on about it and I will even nod now and then, but please dont be offended if I dont listen long.
I want to read my newest cheapo purchases on my brand new Kindle.

P.S. Feel free to comment with your favourite book recommendations and I can you know, buy it, NOW!


  1. congrats with the new kindle! is it the first or 2nd version? :)

  2. We ordered the first gen months ago but they shipped the second. I am so excited I am only teasing the book lovers too. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. yes you got your kindle. Read this dear internet: Between her and my grandma, I got no sleep. Will it ship? Did it charge my card? Where is it shipping to? Can you tell me these things? Why isn't it here yet? I thought it was shippinbg last month! on and on...

    but three months is a long time to wait for an awesome christmas gift. and I am glad we finally found something you like that you didnt' already have!

  4. Congrats on your new kindle!
    Do you think amazon will start selling the 1st version at a reduced price?

  5. thanks, i dont knw if amazon will but you might find some on ebay now


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