Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Eat it Already

I am home now and once in a while I get this weird domestic bug up my arse and bake
Hubby says he likes carrot cake
So I make a carrot cake cream cheese frosting
Man eats one piece says it good
3 days later I throw rest away
I like it with coconut frosting he says
Um ok weird but fine
Next time bug hits I make a carrot cake with white coconut frosting
Hubby eats one piece
Three days later throw rest away
I like the brown clear type coconut frosting he says
Wtf says I, are you talking abut German chocolate cake?
Yes that is it
That’s the kind of cake I like
So I buy the crap too make the stupid cake
Eat half the can of the chocolate frosting for the sides
Put coconut brown crap on top
Mix rest of that in with the last half chocolate frosting for sides
The stupid thing is huge two layers
He better eat more than one piece
That’s all I am saying
It looks retarded anyway, Rachel Ray would cry at the site.
I figure if he doesnt eat it I can just stick a fork in his head and be done with it :)


  1. Aww I should have taken a picture of my strawberry cake. Yours looks good. Definitely stab hubby with a fork if he only eats the one piece.

  2. lol i always thought it was a fork in the eye? and ewww carrot cake i only like choc haha

  3. mmm choc cake was so good yay you did good ma


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