Sunday, March 8, 2009

If Rolled into One I Would Hate Her.

Women love SITC because above all else they are all different and they are all friends. Yes the clothes are great, the men are lush, but the underlying theme is they are all great women and great together.

Which leads me to todays post:

The women in my life.

I don’t normally get along well with women but there are a few in my life that I adore
Some related, some friends ,some only coworkers and acquaintances
They all have different qualities I find adorable and endearing

If you read this and are trying to find yourself, you each get two.

She works so hard all the time I admire it so much
She is so cute and so mean at the same time it makes me laugh

She is so optimistic to the point of doing stupid things
She has the greatest laugh in the world when she is not faking it

If I haven’t done, said, or thought it already she probably has
We both have same mood swings and recognize them (respect) quickly

She has been to hell and back and is still trying to cope
She has listened to my unsolicited hard advice with an open mind and she still likes me

She has always been there for me
She makes me laugh all the time

She is so smart, (smarter than I am) and that is so rare and uplifting (I know conceited right?)
She is just too dang cute, sweet, and wholesome its ridiculous. if I didn’t like her so much it would make me puke

She is so freaking organized it’s almost ocd-ish but can laugh at herself
She has ventured out to live on her own in big cities which I find that amazing and terrifying and could not do it myself.

She is gorgeous, single, smart and very business savvy and I am so jealous.
She always looks for the best in people

Isn’t this a great group of women?

I would hate to think what they say about me but hey at least they put up with me and I get to be surrounded by them. It took a long time assemble this group and I wish you dear internet, the luck to find the same.

Do you see you? Leave a comment tell me about the women in your life if you are bored.


  1. I found me! It was sort of obvious... haha.

    Lets see...

    She thinks she is always right (most the time she is)
    She'll say the same thing over and over again so it will aggravate you, but you'll always remember it.

    She's the sweetest person alive, she just is a little silly sometimes.
    I am more like her than my own parents sometimes.

    She is sweet but she doesn't think everything out, and I worry about that.
    Ask her a serious question, you get a goofy answer.

  2. thats a great post! really enjoyed reading that i know which one i am too

  3. im pretty sure i know mine lol love you your my smartest beautiful daughter

    thank you to grandaughter im happy to have both of you beautiful women in my like

  4. Awww you're so sweet even if I do make you want to puke sometimes. :P Funny post.

    All the women I count as friends (you included)...I find them all to be very smart. That's the one thing that draws me to people most and will help me get along with women, in particular. Smart, funny, strong, independent...those are chicks I admire!


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