Saturday, March 7, 2009

Broke Stupid and Tired


I was broke a couple weeks ago.
This happens more often than not every few months or so and is normally not a big crisis.
Me being so clever with no sentimental feelings holding me back whatsoever, list my possessions I am bored with on eBay

Since liquid cash is the goal at the moment I ruthlessly undercut all current auctions and sale them all quickly with buy it now.


I forgot I did all my shipping from my former job
My former job that had lovely boxes galore, a ups shipping center and packing material of various sorts and sizes , all at my disposal
I also had a running tab on shipping fees and it was all priced at cost.
Being the spontaneous sort I am (stupid), I had quit my long term job with no notice last month.
I don’t think they will allow me the luxury of that shipping area any more


I am exhausted.
I have run around for last week on a scavenge hunt for boxes and packing tape and cheaper shipping solutions.
Lugging items and boxes into commercial places and trying not to scream when they quoted outlandish prices.
I do chuckle at the thought of what my buyers think when they open their lovely purchases.

Things I used for packing material

Old torn t-shirts
Empty beer cartons
Mismatched socks
Torn up magazines
Shredded junk mail
Plastic Wal-Mart bags
Dry cleaning bags
Empty soda bottles
Others I wont list here

I don’t know if this means I am going to start hoarding packing material and boxes from now on or watch my budget better so I don’t need cash
Want to take bets? ;)


  1. my bet is totally on hoarding packing material and i have a box and some peanuts if you want?

  2. I should do this too, Geek Shed is *full* of crap I dont use. Data cables to old phones, adapters, computer stuff that's so ancient I don't even use it... started making a box at one point.

    Maybe all of us could make a game out of odd packing materials? Sounds hilarious.

    -- Joshua

  3. ah you sound like me with the ebay and under cutting lol i always do this and sell the item the same day.. hate auctions

  4. thanks for follow me. most contest I took part its open for international. if you like can check my blog for them. :)

  5. My bet is on hoarding packing materials too because it's hard to cut back on spending. LOL


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