Saturday, February 7, 2009

We Interrupt this Contest for a Word from God

I know I mention it a lot, but I drive an itty bitty sports car.
I only do because I love it so freaking much, I can’t help it.
The down side to it, and it’s a small one, hardly worth noticing, is its so itty bitty those that the big fat arsed SUVs and Vans don’t always see me.

The other day this stupid big van, I guess we can call it a SBV, pulled out over in our lane like we weren’t there.
Luckily, I am like all kind of awesomeness defensive driver type in a car with lightening reflexes so I easily avoided collision.

I don’t even get upset when things like that happen.
I assume chick must be in a hurry.
Maybe she is carting around kids, or going to four or five stores to get her grocery shopping done as cheaply as possible in her big old gas guzzling SBV.
Who am I to judge?

This time though, I chased her down.
She kept going faster, flipping lanes and so did I
I am sure she was worried, because she knows what she did wrong.
Oh yes she did know!

She saw my laughing face in my shiny car bearing down on her to get closer
I couldn’t help myself.

Because, you see the SBV that almost hit me and tried to kill me had this verse on the back window and I just had catch up.
I had to catch up to snap a picture for you, dear internet.

Is it a sign from GOD or did she read it wrong?
Is she like misinterpreting it thinking she has to kill us first?
I haven’t decided yet.


  1. thats just massive text and i can only imagine someone who has something so big on the back of there car is a nut. jesus.... and glad my friend got good reflexes

  2. OMG lmao!!! Jesus H Christ, some people.

  3. lol
    i am not even sure that is legal

  4. I think she must be a member of Christians Against Good Driving.


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