Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Organise your Home and Get Cash

I dropped my purse face down and all the loose change fell on the floor.
While cursing and grunting to bend over and pick it up, it occurred to me that I have loose change everywhere
Any open freaking container, bag, pocket, jar, piece of furniture, or car has change in, on, or under it.

They need to be in one spot!
I will do that now!
I proceeded to plow through rooms, flipping cushions, rattling pockets, empty drawers, and shaking bags.
I ended up with two Tupperware bowls of loose change.


Feeling proud of myself for getting the coins chaos under control, I looked at the gleaming piles of cash as my payment.
I ran off to a coin for cash machine.
80 bucks!
Look how productive I am.

I deserved a treat.
Two stores, lunch, and one tanning session later I staggered home.
I threw the few coins left over from my windfall on the table, dropped my bags and gazed in horror at destruction in house.
It looked like a tornado had gone through here.
Cushions flipped drawers out, scattered containers, and coats all over with pockets askew.

This trying to get organized crap is really hard.


  1. LMAO wow 80 bucks.... dang... that's a lot to be in cushions and stuff. You must drop all your change all the time?

  2. Hahaha organized your change but destroyed the rest of the house. That's funny! What did you buy?

  3. oh another thing... you know the bank does it for free? yeah, so more bang for your buck you don't get charged 8% like you do at those machines.

  4. good lord im not that poor yet lol

  5. and lazy housewife i bought silly useless things for MEEEEEE weee walmart run !


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