Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Hope you Dance

I read an interesting article stating there may be a link between madness and genius

Sir Isaac Newton,

Said to have been bipolar with bouts of enthusiasm and depression
According to his biography he once stuck a hat pin in his own eye as part of his experiments with light, vision, and refraction. It was stated he would get up in the morning and be unable to move from bed because of all the thoughts that rushed into his head upon waking. He also spent many years practicing alchemy, convinced he could manufacture gold.

John Nash

He was the mathematical genius the movie a beautiful mind was based on.
Suffering from schizophrenia he has been quoted as saying:

“One aspect of this is that rationality of thought imposes a limit on a person's concept of his relation to the cosmos"

Also thought to suffer mental illness are Edgar Allen Poe, Beethoven and Vincent Van Gough.

Why am I so serious today dear internet? I don’t know!

I think we should all embrace our inner crazy.
I think that everyone is on this side of that straight jacket and it’s a thin narrow line.
I know I have been on both sides.
I’ve made tons of rash decisions all through out my life.
They all turned out to be great experiences though so I lucked out.

It could easily have gone either way.

She married him after only dating four months?

Crazy: She is nuts
Cool: How romantic

She joined the Army? Today? She’s leaving tomorrow?

Crazy: Oh my god what is wrong with her.
Cool: You were in the army? I bet you have been all over the world!

She bought a car off eBay? Without looking at it or driving it?

Crazy: What is wrong with her?
Cool: Oh my god what a great car, you bought it without seeing it? Wow

She quit her job with no notice, nothing, on a whim?

Crazy In today’s economy? She is nuts!
Cool: She did? Wow I wish I had the nerve to do that.

So watch that line, dear internet, dance on it if you like, and cross over now and then for brief periods but don’t let it out of your sight. You might not find your way back. ;)


  1. Yes and it fun being a bit crazy at times

  2. Lord knows I inherited your temper and Grandma's worry wart/ craziness

    I walk that line on a daily basis and it sure does keep you on your feet

  3. now we all are worryingers did you read that cracks in ice, when u didnt answer your phone

  4. I did that - my friends thought I'd lost my mind.

    My now current husband asked me to marry him over the phone.

    Madness: Was I mad? Marriage will never last!
    Cool: how romantic, you married your best friend of 25 years - oooh aaah

  5. Too funny lol as usual. I tend to be too impetuous and hubby is the sane one, we balance each other out.

  6. Aww i think that is sweet either way :)


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