Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stop Yelling at Me

Ok ,I know that wii fit is all the rage
And I suppose it is good for a work out
But me being such a lazy creature, I thought dance dance revolution would give me a good work out
But when did video games become so rude?
After trying hopelessly to keep up with the stupid arrows
It would yell at me to stop looking with my eyes and feel the beat
The word boo shows up if you miss a step
It grades you
And a big fat FAIL shows up at end.

I was hoping this would be a bit kinder then guitar hero
They tend to BOOOO you off stage
And throw bottles at your rocker.

No way am I getting a wii fit
I heard they change your avatar in the shape of what you weigh on the fit board
So mine would be what? Round , fat and sweaty?
Um no thanks!

But the good news is
At least I am moving a bit!


  1. wee dance revolution I wanted to get that but i couldnt imagine myself trying to dance and someone looking in my window seeing me having a good laugh. I do however want the Wii fit but I wouldnt use that either.

  2. lol yes they see me yelling back at it i bet

  3. lol wii fit isn't so bad i am so going to come over some day and make you play LMAO and it just make you big not round or sweaty lol just don't let dad make a mii and you'll be ok

  4. lol you just wanna see how round mine gets! i know you !

  5. lol i love the wii fit i have your wii mii throwing me hula hoops when i do the excercises it made me laugh


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