Monday, January 19, 2009

Mouth Wide Open

So I got my eyelash extensions done on Sunday
And you have to sit there with your eyes closed entire time and my beautician is so sweet.
She doesn’t seem to mind when my eyes close my mouth opens wide and doesn’t close THE ENTIRE TIME

Things discussed within the 45 minutes of none stop yammering:

* My Girls fianc├ęs is taking her name but it doesn’t matter his is boring
* Horrible names of men we know
* I gave a woman an I love Dick keychain, her husbands name is Richard
* I told her they were out of I love Peter ones
* Her Dick of a husband wanted to know who pPeter was
* How much weddings cost
* She spent way too much on hers and we should sooo do Vegas instead
* Mexico had a queue on their marriages at resort
* I am her favorite customer some customers act uppity
* I noticed all people getting pedicures act uppity
* She told me they are forced to give them to be licensed
* Some students need nerve pills to do them
* How much I hate feet.
* Told her dear hubby cut me with his toe nail in bed once
* Went on about how he woke up to me screaming obscenities at him
* Explained how he still has to wear socks to bed
* Discussed winter driving winter country living and how I once accidently killed a coop full chickens.
* All but one chicken but his feet fell off and his beak and he walked around on stumps
* Both laughed way too much over that image.

I think next time I am taking my iPod and will listen to a book. I walked out of there wondering what had happened to me. I think it was because last time, I fell asleep during the procedure and woke myself up snoring


  1. Eyelash extensions? I would so love to do that because when I apply mascara for some reason my left eye will never be as full as my right. I hate that! But I love yammering with the beauticians. Well, some of them LOL..Sounds like you had a lot to talk about! :D

  2. Lol I suppose so. You should try to get them you cant believe what a differecnce it makes!

  3. LOL I can never end up holding a conversation. I just think my life is too boring to share. And Karen never seems to like me as much as she likes you and gamma. LOL

  4. aww our life is boring too, we just dont know it

  5. I never can think of anything to talk about with my beautician. Gotta ask, how did you kill all those chickens?

  6. yay do vegas!! i well would if i was in america but its a 14hr flight for me ekkk

  7. Oh the power had went out in the chicken coop and they ran an extension cord through window of house into bathroom, There were always plugs everywhere and I unplugged it to do my hair before a date. They froze. That poor little chicken (silent stumpy ) still lived a long time. I never could figure out how he was able to eat with no beak


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