Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Luxurious Town Living

When my mother was ready to leave her home in the country, I insisted she move to town.
One reason, she would be close to me of course, what an incentive that is in it self.
She could come clean my house for spending money
She could even cook for us!

The other, of course, was the beauty of town living.
Beautiful things like:

Food delivery
Shopping proximity
Trash pick up
Curbside Recycling
But the main selling point, obviously, is winter driving.

The secondary country roads are woefully neglected.
Residents drive perilously down unlighted, tenuous, winding paths
There is neither a glimmer of salt nor a hope of a snow plow.

But in town, I told her, the roads are cleaned right away.
They even plow the alley ways
Even if they don’t, with all the traffic, there are clear tracks to navigate by 8 am
The snow is ALWAYS cleared away and gone by noon.
Who wouldn’t live here?

So of course she moves here.
We have sub-zero weather and non-stop snow.
So of course I was a liar, she claims.

They won’t deliver in inclement weather without a surcharge
The stores are mobbed at the first inkling of snow predictions and are out of staples

Her car doors are frozen shut and the sidewalks are treacherous.

But on top of all that, to make me hang my head in shame, there is this.

Here is a picture of her road today.

Its past noon
I don’t see any freaking paths, salt or a flipping snow plow one.
You know why don’t you?
It’s because moms are always right.
I may be a mom but she is MOM. It should come as no surprise then that I was wrong.

Bless her; she still came to clean my house today. Love you mom.


  1. ok....why are you taking pictures while driving?! do we have death wishes?

  2. That is slow I had to go I probably could have sketched it

  3. poor did sound like a liar, but you told her the truth..TODAY

  4. LOL yes i should know better by now MOM is always right.

  5. Snow! I love snow. Anyway, it was nice of her to come clean for you even though you're a liar. ;-)

  6. P.S. You also have another award/meme at my blog because I want to know your answers. LOL
    Honest Scrap Award

  7. wow thats tons of she get there on skis? lol

  8. I usually don't comment on older posts while I'm enjoying a new blog, but I have to know... how to get your mom to come clean your house?... money isn't enough, and our place is a pigsty! (My stay at home dad hubby has ADHD, I use that as our excuse :P) And his mom is on the other side of the world, and is 80-something...

    Oh yeah, my mum has a bad knee, doh!

  9. sappyre, it is part guilt and part money I have add too so I really need the help


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