Thursday, January 15, 2009

Honestly, I am not that Popular

So my sweet friend nominated me for a blog award.
The honest scrap award located here
She also challenged me to do the same to 7 others.
The thing is list 10 honest AND interesting things about yourself.
We all know lists are no problem.
I adore lists.
The other requirement? Honesty? Easy enough.
Interesting? That could be tricky. I never claimed I was interesting and quite frankly I bore myself silly at times.
Last thing nominate 7 others for it.
I just said I was honest and uninteresting, it should come as no suprise I dont have seven friends.

Since I am one to never leave a task that can be done half arsed, as shown here, I will list seven instead.

1. I can never wear the same pair of pantyhose twice.
2. I have wild crazy elaborate daydreams.
3. I have always felt I was meant to do something great in my life.
4. I have lived in the same house for 18 years because I am too lazy to move
5. I worry about my daughter a lot and hope she is happy.
6. I never want to live alone.
7. I carry around an Enquirer Engergized Blue Dot.

So there you go partly done, true to form, not quite perfect, but all me ;)


  1. LOL true to form indeed.

    And yes, as an over all, grand scheme of things i am very happy. it's the day to day and minute to minute stuff that gets me sometimes.

  2. Great Blog you have! Congrats on the award :D

  3. Do your crazy elaborate daydreams involve smacking people who do stupid things? No? neither....much

  4. mine are more along the lines of sticking a pencil in someones eye...oh wait no, no i dont have those

  5. I still crack up over the pantyhose thing.

  6. never could wear pantyhose twice fat thighs rub holes in them. Guess who LOL


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