Friday, January 30, 2009

IPhone Love Affair

I freaking love my Iphone

When it was new everyone was all like:
It doesnt do this or that or blah or its expensive or ill wait for version 2 yadda yadda

I even had one guy I worked with try vehemently to talk me out of buying one?

All he accomplished was the nickname IPHONE HATER now and forever more.

Why I liked it and was so excited is because I knew it is an itty bitty computer with a blank screen.

Get it?
It software driven!
It will change ALL the TIME.
EVERY DAY if you like
Wipe it and start all over!
Do you see now?

So anywhooooo...

I am a huge iphone application freak

So dear internet, I feel that I would do you a grave injustice if i didnt gush all about my secret obsession(s)
I therefore willtell you about the best applications I have found.
By best I mean like BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD!! (at least this week )

Point it at a song playing on radio it identifies it!

Google Earth
Go superman around the world if you are stuck in a waiting room somewhere.

Magic 8 Ball
Dont lie! You all loved the magic 8 ball when you were young and you still wanna jiggle it to see if gossip girl is going to go another season or not.

Bright beams to shine in depths of coach bag when searching for keys or mint or last nerve pill.

Whats playing? When? Where? Show me reviews and a Trailer please.NOW! Because you know we could go see a movie maybe.

Lose it.
Track your daily food on it calories, fats, carbs, goals ,how big a pig you are, whatever! It is awesome!

Type it in and it does any other language
Spanish, French, Italian and even Latvian
Wave it at your confused cab driver or try to pronounce it badly to make people laugh and want to help you out for making the effort.

Download all those free old classic books on that weird named site Gutenberg something or other and read it when someone is trying to chat you up or boring you silly.

Monkey Ball

Really? You want to know why? Come on! Its a monkey, in a ball, in a game
Who wouldnt love it?

Oh yeah its a phone too so if you insist on calling you can.
Most likely will go to visual voice mail (yes I said visual-click delete), but hey I might text you back.


  1. Sounds very cool; I might have to try an iphone next if I can get over my love of blackberries.

  2. yes if not for all the other thing at least the monkey ball LOL

  3. I wish I could get one, someday I will have one, by then of course it will likely be a dinosaur LOL..
    Love reading the blog, and I have nominated you for an award!
    Stop by my blog to pick it up.

  4. friend i love the sound of shazam there is a list of applications you can get on the blackberry too im gonna take a look
    smartphones the way to go
    i love mine too although theres an annoying button i keep hitting and it says in an american accent "say a command" cracks me up as i start talking to it

  5. lol id like to have mine yell at me in a british voice


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